Welcome to Studio Pyro! My name is Maria and I make pretty things.
This design company began in 2000 as an outlet for my creativity and zaniness. I always strive to produce the absolute best designs for my growing clientele.

Featured here are some of the designs I’ve created both for my full time job and freelance clients. Please enjoy and I hope you like what you see!

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WHO’S THE PYRO? The studio¬†was named after our co-founder and first CEO and Feline President, Pyro, who unfortunately passed away in 2009. He was succeeded by our Vice President of Two-Colored Eyes, Alpine, who passed in 2012. Our current Feline CEO is Mamo-chan, who began life here as our Intern. He is assisted in his managerial duties by our current Vice President of the Midnight Crazies, Sebastian¬†and Vice President of Belly Rubs, Cooper.